How YOU Can Afford High Quality Organic Products Right NOW

Not being able to afford Organic products is the most common reason why people do not buy them.

Now there is a way YOU and your friends can afford to have Organic Products.

Organic Inspired Prosperity can show you how.

Most people today realise that organic food and products are better for us. The main reason people do not purchase organic food and products, is the price.

This was the reason I did not buy organic products for a long time. I would purchase as much as I could afford but with a young family, I found it hard to justify the cost.

Then I discovered networking. Most of us understand the concept of networking, we do it everyday. It is what makes communities work. I have been doing it for years.

I have used this concept often without being fully aware; for babysitting and child minding, for sharing ideas to run a house, cooking, sharing gardening ideas and plants. I have done it through my work, attending conferences and less formally, just meeting up with friends and sharing ideas. These are all ways to network.

When we tell our friends about a product or service we use, this is networking. All business relies on this human attribute, of wanting to share with our friends and family, products and services we have found to be beneficial. It’s only natural! The surge in Farmers markets and similar markets is an obvious symbol of just how many of us have cottoned on to networking

It is an age old concept which has been used to the benefit of many communities.

Bartering is a good example of how networking can benefit many people and allow those with varying skills to obtain goods and services they may otherwise not have gained.

Another example of networking is the many groups and organisations which operate within our community.

For four years I have belonged to an organisation which creates and manufactures Organic Products. Because I am a member I receive my organic products at a discounted rate. I never purchase any products without a 30% discount and often receive a 40% discount.

I realise that without that discount, I could not afford to buy these products for my family. And like everyone else, I want to share this with my friends, family and the wider community.

Recently the organisation improved and reduced the cost, if people wished to become part of this Australian, yet global networking and make organic products a part of their everyday life.

There are no catches or hidden costs. I have listed below the ways you and your friends can take advantage of this unique offer.

How it works?

Step 1. Get a group of like minded friends together (Any number is fine) and decide what products you will purchase.

Step 2 . Choose one of the joining options below. (Note the second option has no joining fee.)

(A) Fast Start Order $477or (250pv) Cost after discount approx $330

Enrolment fee $30 + Free Builders Kit (valued at more than $125) + 30% discount on order


(B) Super Fast Start $900 or (600pv) Cost after discount approx $540 Free to Enrol + Free Builders Kit (valued at more than $125) + %40 discount on order.

Step 3. Choose your products. You can purchase whichever products you like.

There is a yearly renewal fee of $40. You have the choice now or later to build your own organic business. If you wish to order for yourself and friends only (i.e. is you do not want to build a business) then just order when you need to replace your products.

However if at any time you decide you would like to build your own organic business you will need to place a monthly order to receive all business building benefits.

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