Organic Nurses and Others . This is Their Stories.

This is a letter by an ex nurse who has suffered with MCS for many years. This letter shows the profound effect chemical exposure can have on your life.

Can someone tell me, am I living in Australia, the land of the “fair go”, or the third world? When Homeswest denies, despite supporting doctors’ letters, safe appropriate housing to poor disabled women at the top of the waiting list, I have to wonder.

If these, [it’s mostly women] were in wheelchairs, they’d probably get suitable housing straightaway, but they’re not… yet. With further delays and exposure, they may easily be in wheelchairs, then bedridden and dead from multiple organ failure.

They suffer from ‘invisible’ disabilities, such as MCS [multiple chemical sensitivity] which the experts believe is a combination of genetic predisposition and exposure to toxic chemicals, leading usually to painful and increasing disablement from being poisoned by common, almost inescapable, chemicals. There’s a spectrum of problems, with PTSD, ME/CFS, FM, asthma and MCS, being most common presentations, and “Gulf War Syndrome” seems to be the full expression. The sufferers are the canaries in the coal mine, keeling over long before ‘normals’ have noticed anything wrong in the environment.

I know of several nurses, a gifted teacher, an artist, a musician, a top level sportsman, and a jet fighter pilot who suffer from MCS. These are active, creative people, not ‘no-hopers’, but without ‘allergy-free’ housing, and extensive and intensive long term care and support, actual spoon-feeding, from their family and friends, they would be dead, now. My friend, the former fighter pilot, freely admits this to me, with great feeling. Thank you, Colin, for all your guidance in my detox work!

Many/most are not so lucky. They lose their ability to work. Often work is the main source of their toxic exposure. Partners family and friends, not understanding their poisoning and distress, desert them, or may try to commit them to a psychiatric institution. They live, with an ‘incredible’ illness, in fear and worsening poverty, and must avoid most people places foods and tap-water, because of the presence of even minute [parts per trillion] quantities of synthetic, common poisons.

In my case, [former nurse exposed to anaesthetic gases, formaldehyde, phenols and mercury, now extremely sensitive to the out-gassing from modern building materials] I must ‘camp out’ on the open verandah of the new unit which Homeswest, knowing of my MCS, deliberately, seemingly perversely, allocated to me, in May 2008..

Living outdoors, I avoid most of the building poisons, but still suffer painfully from other sources, including my neighbours’ chemicals [laundry fragrances, Roundup, vehicle exhausts, etc]. One exposure can result in weeks of internal bleeding, asthma and fibromyalgia.


In spite of 3 or 4 doctors writing, requesting a safe house for me, on the grounds of my MCS, Homeswest now say that MCS is “not recognised”, and also claim that chipboard or MDF does not emit formaldehyde! Are they stalling or what?

Thank God the town I live in , generally, is so clean, unpolluted, and good to me. Thank God for Professor Martin Pall, who has explained MCS in great detail. He has advised the South Australian Government on this emerging problem. 

What is our Western Australian Government doing?

Can other MCS sufferers tell us?

By Felicity Amazon

OIP would like to thank Felicity for sharing this with us and encourage others with MCS or other illnesses related to chemical exposure to send us in your stories.


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