Let’s talk about MLM.

What is MLM ?

Multi level marketing or network marketing, I can hear you saying. But that is not what I mean. What is MLM really?

It is your ability to sell yourself, your ability to build up a relationship and trust with people.

Before we go into that too deeply, I would like to share with you my organic MLM journey so far. I joined a network marketing company a couple of years ago with high hopes and no experience at all in retail or marketing.

Its OK, anyone can do this, it is simple and you don’t need to be a sales rep, these products are so good they sell themselves. What did I have to worry about? Nothing? All I had to do was learn how to present my business opportunity.

And so my journey began. I realised pretty early on that this wasn’t quite as easy as it sounded and surprise, surprise the products don’t actually sell themselves.

My business did not grow as fast as I expected, and the returns were not there.

It was not through lack of motivation or commitment. I had done all the training and spent a lot of money. I tried every strategy in the book, from party plan to travelling across the state, attending agricultural shows and expos. I had bought leads from a lead generating company, done paper drops, attended monthly markets and joined advertising co-ops.

I had done so much personal growth that I could write a book on it.

When I joined, my sponsor said everyone gets the same tools and products, the only difference to how successful you are, is YOU. I took this on board and took full responsibility for the slow growth of my team and business, but I just did not know what to do to change it.

I had two websites from the company and had been considering for some time the scary option of going on the web and advertising. After all, these websites are exactly the same as everyone else’s in the company.

How was I going to direct people to my website? Most importantly, I didn’t want to spend more money and not get good results.

This was to be the beginning of a journey that I never could have imagined.


Here it is, the key to your success. Let me tell you a little more of my journey into the world of MLM Marketing and Training and how it began. Or I should say, how doing MLM marketing in a more successful way, began.

I had decided that I needed to learn how to write a good advertisement. Learning how to market yourself is the most important training you will need to succeed in an MLM business.

Looking for some help on advertising I went on the web and got some very useful, free information, on copy writing. I hadn’t even known that is what ad writing is called. I set to work doing sample ads for both posters and Google ads. This was more difficult than it sounds. While I was grappling with this new information I got a call.

A call, from not one, but two people in my downline. They were very concerned, as they had seen an online ad, saying 'network marketing didn’t work. Do you want to know why?'.

Thinking this would be another one of those people putting network marketing down, I went to investigate. What I discovered has changed the whole way I now approach my business and I want to share it with as many other MLMers and Network marketers as I can.

My discovery, that you have to market yourself, to be successful in MLM, began with an E-book called


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