Do you want to know more about MLM strategies before committing to a business. Deb's tips will not only inform but also save you time and money

Deborah Devitt

One of the things I love about MLM is that there are many strategies which can be used to promote your business. These include, internet, traditional forms of advertising, some form of party plan, letter box drops, seminars or talks, word of mouth, expos and markets.

Each one of these is essentially a vehicle for you to market yourself to the potential customer and/or business partner. Essentially network marketing (MLM) is about building a network of buyers and business builders which will help you to expand your business.

This is the very heart of your business building, it is important that you focus all your energy on the strategy you choose, and stick with that strategy for at least a year. All these strategies will work and no one is better than the other.

It entirely depends on you and what skills you bring to your business. Certainly some strategies are easier and less time consuming and reach a larger audience than others. But once again it depends on the individual.

If you have never used a computer or built a website but have an online network marketing business then you will probably not choose advertising on the net, or building your own website, straight away. My tip is, choose another strategy to promote your online shop and business while you learn more about the web and your new business.

Another important point you need to consider when choosing a strategy, is how much it will cost, time wise and financially. These two factors will determine to a great extent which strategy you choose. My tip, determine what you can afford to invest in your business and stick to this.

Online Marketing:

This strategy has unlimited potential, but if you are anything like me, you may have no idea where to begin. I procrastinated on this strategy for over 2 yrs, feeling completely overwhelmed by the World Wide Web.

Clearly this strategy has huge potential for the MLMer and can save time and money if done correctly. If you are busy and have limited time for your network marketing business, then online is the way to go.

Make sure the company you are joining has an online shop and that you will be issued with at least 2 generic company websites which you can link to a personalised website later. I recommend This company for maximum support and training. Click on Banner

The next tip, is to make sure your personalised website will create enough traffic to produce leads for your business opportunity and provide an income or at least pay for itself. Creating leads is the aim of all MLM strategies.

My tip here, is that the key ingredient is to have a good website that ranks high on the search engines. This is easier than you think, especially if you use a good online tool. High ranking, means more traffic, and every website needs traffic, otherwise you will be wasting your money.

Another tip with this MLM strategy, is to take the time to learn as much as you can before you launch your new website. Done right, this can be a very lucrative strategy. Monetising your website also gives the added bonus of multiple streams of income while your MLM business builds. To learn more about building a lucrative website and why, I recommend reading;

The Renegade Network Marketer

and taking this video tour to learn more about building your website.

One of the time saving features of online, is the ability to set up auto responders and a series of follow up emails. This gives you a little extra lee way if you cannot contact the person straight away. But remember you will still need to talk with the person to complete your marketing technique.

Party Plan

Party plan is probably the best known of all the strategies listed and I would suspect that nearly all of us have been invited to, or have attended one of these.

It’s a great strategy and it’s been proven to work. One of the biggest benefits to the MLMer in this strategy, is that sales usually result in cash in hand, in a very short time. If this is your main source of income, then party plan is the perfect strategy to use while you build up your team and business. It provides customers and people, who potentially, may join your team.

The biggest cost to you will be to have a range of your product on hand for party goers to see, touch, smell and test. You will also need order forms, brochures and of course some sort of oral presentation about both the products and the business.

You will need a car to transport yourself and your products. This strategy takes time. An average party should be no longer than two hours but in reality, you will spend a lot more time than that.

You will need to coach the host to ensure enough guests are invited and enough actually turn up. A good number is between 8-10. Encouraging ‘before party’, orders can be a real boost to your income.

Companies often provide an incentive to promote or encourage sales at parties and future bookings; this is another area where before party sales will come in useful, as they can improve your host/hostess’s chances of receiving the free gift or discount. All companies are different with regard to ordering from these parties.

The best option in my mind, is when the company provides order forms, where each individual can place their order at the party and pay for it by credit card at the time, and it is delivered direct to the customer’s home.

This is a great procedure as it means you are not out of pocket, delivery is done for you and it reduces the possibility of you being left with unwanted stock. (Never place an order before you have been paid unless you are sure you can move that item if the sale falls through)

Let the host know what’s in it for them. A good tip here, is to add an extra gift from yourself,to make your party unique as well as the company incentives.

This is a really important tip when using this MLM strategy; when delivering your presentation, don’t be too slick or professional, otherwise people will be put off. You want them to believe they can do it too. Coming across as knowing it all, will only deter them. After all, the best long term benefit for you, is to have people join your business, so let them see that they can do it too. Because You and I know they can!

A great tip is, to use notes, even when you no longer need them. I used a power point presentation which the company provided, it was only later when someone commented that they could never put a power point presentation together, that I realized that people had thought I had made the presentation.

My tip; let people know. I now let people know how lucky I am to be in a company that provides all these tools, as I had never put a power point together either.

My last tip for this MLM strategy is; above all, have fun, laugh at yourself, don’t be too serious. Party plan can be great fun, literally, a party. An extra bonus of this strategy is the socializing that goes with the territory.

Markets, Agriculture Shows and Expos

Once again, this strategy is quite time consuming but very enjoyable. You will need similar resources as for the party plan, as well as products to sell at the event and plenty of brochures and samples to hand out to customers.

Deb's tip; ask experienced members of your team or company about the most popular products to stock up on. This is always hit and miss, and someone will always want a product that you didn’t bring. You can do very well on sales at these events.

Another tip; if you decide to use this MLM strategy, pick your event very carefully and depending on your product, you can attend an event with what is called a pre qualified crowd. That is people at the event are already interested in what you a have to offer.

Having said that, I live in a small country town, so events in my area are limited, consequently I have attended all sorts of events and had some pleasant surprises and results, so don’t be afraid to try a few different ones.

I recommend, for rural people, attending any local markets. This will build regular local customers and word of mouth in small towns is pretty powerful. Attend all the agriculture shows within your region, you might be surprised.

This provides a perfect opportunity to promote your party plan strategy, many rural women love the party option and will respond well to that, if you advertise this at the agriculture show.

Just one word of warning; some events can be quite expensive and you may need public liability insurance to sell products. This can be expensive. My tip; use an insurance broker to find the best insurance deal, it saved me substantial amounts of time and money.

To combat the expense and to reduce the time on a stall/booth (events can go for 1-7 days), my tip; invite other members of your team to participate and you can even allow other teams in your team or network to buy time on your booth.

Tip; do an event with someone in your upline, experienced in this MLM strategy, before you do an event by yourself.

Traditional Advertising/Marketing

This strategy can be very good for promoting leads and selling products.

Tip; this MLM strategy can be expensive and while leads may be generated, my experience is, that few, if any, convert to sales or business partners.

Tip; if you choose this MLM strategy, check with your upline and company about any advertising co-ops being run, as this will reduce your cost significantly. Full page ads in glossy magazines can cost $1500 or more per issue.

A small classified ad will probably yield the same results and cost a lot less.

Choose carefully where you advertise, what magazine or paper you choose will depend on your product and your business opportunity.

Seminars and talks

This is by far my favourite.

Tip; Preparation is the key to giving a confident presentation. angle your presentaion to something you are passionate about.For example I have a health background so the presentation I do relates to health and how organic products enhance your health.

The advantage of this MLM strategy, is that you can reach a lot of people at one time.

Tip; remember to advertise it as a business opportunity. Be transparent when dealing with the public. People respond well to honesty.

Present your presentaion in Two parts the information section and the second part the Business opportunity.

Tip; give people the option to leave after the first part.

If you choose this or any of the strategies, here are more tips; Make sure what you are telling people is the truth. Be polite, and answer all questions as honestly as you can if you don’t know the answer, then say so. Get the person’s details and offer to find the answer for them.

Tip; every MLM strategy you use is a vehicle for marketing not only your product and business opportunity, but more importantly, yourself. Maintain your honesty and integrity at all times.

The relationship you build with people will be the most important aspect of your business and you want to start that relationship on the right foot. For more information on marketing yourself, go to this page; Marketing Yourself

Do your own research, don’t blindly believe what your upline or company might say. Don’t mislead people deliberately, and if done accidentally, then apologize and rectify your mistake as soon as known.

My last tip for any of these MLM strategies is, no one expects you to be an expert, better to be human. So get out there and give it a go. Think of this "Imagine what you would do if you knew you couldn't fail..."

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