Why did I leave a well paid profession and enter the MLM or network marketing world? I wanted to be at home for my children. It is a very tempting option, to be able to set your own hours, to attend all school functions and events your child may be involved in. And the biggest one for me, to be able to look after them when they are not well and let them have a day off, for no reason other than spending time with Mum/Dad. Also, I wanted to have the option of home schooling, which I have done in the past.

There is plenty of evidence to support the claim, that it is best if at least one parent is available for the children, and to avoid extensive hours of child care. This becomes more challenging when a single parent has responsibility for the child's care, as well as providing financial security for the family.

That being said, MLM is one of the best options, for single parent families and families with both parents. It is hard to survive with only one income coming into a household. MLM allows both parents to earn an income and be at home with their children if they choose.

It does take quite a lot of organisation to run a family, home and build a business. Especially one you may have had little previous experience in. I have put together ‘My Hints’ to help your household and business run smoothly.

Hints on Being a Single parent and running your own business.

Good time management.

It begins with a diary. My preference is to use the old fashioned type and write it down. I can stick this in my bag and take it any where; the act of writing it down seems to help me remember what I need to do. There are plenty of electronic diaries/ calendars available. Choose what works best for you.

Set aside time for the housework each day.

So that it doesn’t build up. Its just too depressing to work in an environment that is always untidy.Hire a cleaner if you can afford to.

Work Area

Clear your desk and tidy it at the end of each working day. This can make a huge difference to the start of the next working day. This small act which only takes about 5 minutes at the end of each day has made a huge difference to me. I feel more motivated to start work when I see a tidy desk. A messy desk can sometimes overwhelm me so that I just don’t know where to begin. Tidying up at the end of each day also helps me to file in my mind, what I need to do the next day.

Remember the children

The tasks that require more thinking, do when the children are otherwise occupied (e.g. at school or asleep). I always leave my house work for the afternoon as I can do this when the children are home and it doesn’t require a lot of heavy thinking.


Never make an important phone call if the children are home.

Having to stop in the middle of a good coaching session or support session, and discipline children, just doesn’t work. Besides the fact that my mind doesn’t cope well with going from cool, calm and collected business women, to screaming maniac mother ( we are a real family, not a super family!).

My children always seem to think, ‘Mum’s on the phone’… time to play football in the house. And no, this does not change as they get older. Your kids just don’t cope with you not being there for them even, if they don’t need you.

This has always fascinated me. It applies to all phone calls; children just do not like their parents on the phone. It does get a bit better as they get older but don't push it, or else there will be mayhem in the home.

Take a Break

Make sure you have regular breaks, just like you would if you were working for someone else. Make sure you take the weekends off. Be firm with customers and your up and down line, that weekends are out of bounds. I have made this rule and I love my weekends. It takes the pressure off me and I get to spend quality time with my children. Of course, if your children are home schooled or pre-school age you can choose any days to set aside for family.


Do regular exercise. When you exercise, it releases endorphins which make you feel happy and alleviate stress and worry. You will cope much better. I love to walk my dog every day in the bush. It gives me time to think and enjoy nature. I also coach Tae kwon Do twice a week and train with a senior instructor once a fortnight. Martials arts are great for disciplining the mind and body which helps you to focus better on your business or family. Don’t forget to stretch and move your body when sitting for long periods of time e.g in front of the computer.


I cannot emphasize too much the need to get plenty of sleep. This is the one I fall down on the most. Once the children go to bed, I find myself in front of the computer writing things like this article, because there are no interruptions and no phone calls.

It’s OK to do that every now and then, but not too often. Being tired means you will be less tolerant of noise, and children, being children, are usually noisy. I just find I am generally less tolerant when I am tired. Not good for anyone. Also, it makes it much harder to deal with those hard to please clients.

Diet: Eat well.

Eat a good healthy diet, preferably of certified organic food, well balanced ,with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Avoid heavy foods and with high sugar content as these will make you lethargic. Drink plenty of pure rain water (or as close as you can get.) Stop, and eat your meals away from the work area. You might want to grow your own vegetable.Find out more about MLM parents and organic gardening

Have Fun

And lastly, don’t loose your sense of humour and take life too seriously. Have fun with your family; enjoy them, after all isn’t that why we are at home running our own business.

For a unique Fun experience with your family

A final word; practicing good time management and getting priorities right, will help your downline, It will teach them to set firm, realistic boundaries for themselves and their business.

It will also provide a great example to other family members about prioritising and chlidren like to know the rules when it is their time and when it is business time.

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