I recently had the experience of being involved in a New Work Place Agreement. While I know that I will not be spending my life with this company and that my future livelyhood does not depend on it, others do not have that same luxury.

After the meeting with staff to discuss the new agreement which would be potentially put in place (if voted in). I realised how lucky I really am to have my MLM business quietly building in the background and to know my financial future is secure. In the past, the way staff were treated would have had me up in arms, ready to fight for my, and others rights.

Now I can sit quietly, in the knowledge that I have control of my future and I don’t have to rely on the goodwill of any company or boss.

I know that my future financial security lies on a different path, that I have determined.

Many times I have sat and thought about how insecure even the most secure job really is.

No matter how much time and effort you put into a job, all you are really doing is building someone else’s business for them. Securing their financial future, not yours.

While there may be certain rewards financially and personally for all your efforts, in the end, the passive income generated by that company is for someone else.

In other words, when you leave this company, whether through retirement or to pursue another job in another company, your years of effort will not continue to benefit you. Unless you invest wisely, so that your money is working for you, that is, building a passive income, you will have nothing to show for your years of work.

There are different ways of getting money to work for you. Real estate investment is probably the best known. If you have a substantial amount of cash at hand and don’t have a crippling mortgage, then this can be very lucrative. However, with house prices so high, most people are no longer in a position to make a positive income out of this option.

The stock market is another proven way to make your money work for you, this option is perfectly sound if you are prepared to take the risk, and at this time, it is quite risky. Another option, and the one with the least risk and the least financial lay out, is to build your own business with an MLM company. I recommend this organic company. click on the graphic below

Here, the biggest risk is, what company you choose to build your business with. Unfortunately not all MLM companies are as ethical as others. MLM is a simple principal that works through leverage, and requires no previous business experience. To find out more about choosing an MLM company click here This option has the advantage of requiring very little start up costs and comes with free training and product education. Reducing any perceived risk to you.

My MLM business gives me the freedom to set my own hours each week, to live any where I wish to live, to be my own boss, spend more time with my family and have the best terms and conditions and to determine my financial security without relying on any one else.

With a good plan and strategy my MLM business will provide me with a passive income so that even when on holiday, I will still be receiving an income. To veiw a good compensation plan

MLM allows me to lead the lifestyle I want. While this is not a get rich quick scheme, I know that my time and effort will be rewarded and I am building my future security everyday.

Parents have choices too