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Our Unique Multi-Channel Enterprise system

ONEgroup markets the miessence®, MiVitality® & MiEnviron® ranges through a groundbreaking Multi-Channel Enterprise system. ONEgroup provides the following opportunities for all to benefit through:

• Direct Sales

• Home Presentations

• Retail Outlets

• E-commerce

• Health & Beauty Professionals

You have the opportunity to become an independent business owner, to build a flexible, home-based business which suites your individual needs & personality.

How do you benefit?

• Low monthly maintenance (approx $80) to receive bonuses.

• Everyone orders directly from ONEgroup.

• Substantial discounts – up to 40%, depending on the size of the order.

• Seamless UniGen Compensation Plan.

• Sponsor Bonuses are paid DAILY; Retirement Bonuses & Pools are paid MONTHLY.

“a unique business model & compensation plan to match a unique product range”

Useful Definitions:

Points Each product has a point value assigned to it.

PV or Personal Volume Is the total of the points of all the products purchased by a Member during a calendar month. PV is reset to ZERO at the beginning of each calendar month.

GV or Group Volume Is the total of a Member’s PV and the PV of all the Members in their downline organisation. GV is reset to ZERO at the beginning of each calendar month.

BV or Bonus Value Is the value in US Dollars assigned to each product for bonuses. If a Representative is entitled to 25% of an order whose BV is 60, the Representative would be entitled to a bonus of US$15.00. Autoship or Business Protection is an easy way to ensure that a Membership is active and eligible to receive all bonuses. ONEgroup has made a point of keeping the cost of products at a competitive level while ensuring monthly requirements are not excessive. Consequently, the monthly commitment is just 50 Points, which equates to around $80.00.

Business Protection If a Representative signs up for Business Protection, they will receive an immediate 20% off the Retail Price on orders over 50PV. By signing for Business Protection, a Representative is committing to receiving an order of at least 50 Points on the 25th of every month (Australian time) if their monthly orders to that date do not exceed 50 Points.

Autoship If a Representative signs up for a 50 point Autoship, they receive an immediate 20% off the Retail Price on orders over 50PV. By signing for Autoship, the Member is committing to a regular monthly order. The monthly order will be sent out on the 5th, 10th, 15th or the 20th of each calendar month (Australian time), depending on the date of their joining. Autoship orders are sent out regardless of the ordering activity by the Member during the month. The standard Autoship or Business Protection order is for 2 x In‑Liven. However, the content of an Autoship or Business Protection order can be changed by the Member in the Member’s Area of the website up until 3 days before the Autoship or Business Protection is due to be processed. Changes should be made once every six months.

Bonus Summary

Customer Bonuses Representatives can earn up to 30% of the retail value of orders placed by Preferred Customers.

Retail Bonus: A retail bonus of 5% will be paid to active Representatives who have personally sponsored a retail outlet, on the retail value of Retirement Orders of less than $7,500. Normal Retirement Bonuses will be paid based on the BV of a 50% discount order.

Sponsor Bonuses: Sponsor bonuses are paid upline to active Representatives on the BV of all customers as well as new Representatives in their first 30 days with the Company. In fact, depending on their level, a Representative can be paid from 25%-5% of the BV of up to seven (compressed) levels of Representatives and Preferred Customers.

Builder’s Bonus: Builder’s Bonus – Active Representatives receive $50 for every new Representative they sponsor who places a 250PV fast start order in the same calendar month.

Retirement Bonus: Retirement Bonuses of 3% -18% are paid to active Representatives according to rank, on the BV of all orders made by downline Representatives and Retailers who have been with ONEgroup for more than 30 days.

Loyalty Bonus: 19% of worldwide Retirement Volume is allocated to the Loyalty Bonus. Active Representatives on Autoship or BP receive $70US each month they have 3 personally sponsored Representatives on at least 50 point Autoship or Business Protection Order.

Executive Pools: Representatives attaining the levels of Executive, Managing Executive, and Senior Executive are rewarded according to rank by sharing in a special Executive bonus pool comprised of worldwide sales volume.

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