Coaching Your Way to Success

Coaching is very useful in MLM to help MLMers find out what they can contribute to their business to make it unique

One of the magical things about MLM is that it comes ready made. Now this can be a good and a not so good thing.

It is fantastic to have tools to use to promote your business ready made, unfortunately everyone else in the company has the same tools, same products, same labelling and to a certain extend the same training material.

So how can you make your business unique? This is probably the most powerful chose you will make and it will be the difference between being a truly successful entrepreneur and just an average business person.

Every one has opportunities in life and they come in three types.

• Probable- these opportunities are the ones we think will happen or are likely to happen

• Possible – these opportunities are the ones we know exist and could happen

• Chosen- these opportunities are the most powerful ones. The opportunities you chose have the power to change your life. Here we take control and decide to act not wait and see what happens.Successful coaching from your upline or some one else will help you make good choices

Every successful MLMer has chosen their opportunities and acted upon them. How do we know what to choose which opportunity is the right one? This is where many people get stuck. They feel scared! Fear can prevent us from ever reaching our full potential. I have a great saying on my desk “Imagine what you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail”

Fear of failure can be crippling and hold us back from doing the things we would love to try. I can think of loads of times when I have not followed my dreams because of my fear.

Now whenever I hear that little voice of doubt I imagine or visualise what I could do or be. Guess what I am doing things I never thought I would ever do. Even setting up this website, I have wanted to do this for about 12 mths, what held me back. Fear that I would make a mistake, that I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Fear that I would invest many hours into learning how and then it would not be successful.

How did I get here writing and building my own website, by choosing to act on the opportunities that came my way by feeling my fear and doing it anyway. I tell you it can be a real adrenaline rush when you make that decision and I find the more of those scary choices I make the more excited I get. I actually enjoy them.

Something else that holds us back is the waiting for it to be just right to be perfect. While we are waiting for everything to be perfect we could grow old and die literally. Think about it would any of the top athletes be where they are today if they did not practise their sport. They weren’t born that way, sure they may have certain skills we all have skills. If we are too frightened to develop those skills how can we ever reach our full potential? Indeed how do you get good at anything if you don’t do it? ‘You don’t have to get it right; you just have to get it going’ (Mike Litman)

If you don’t make mistakes how can you get it right? Of course preparation is really important, but don’t spend so much time preparing and getting it right that you actually don’t achieve anything. Imagine if a baby would not attempt to speak until he/she understood grammar and pronunciation, it would be a very quiet world.

Know your destination where is it you want to be in 10yrs time. Whether you are using your MLM business to secure your future financially or to support another Dream you have know what you want don’t be airy fairy. Write it down clearly state what it is you want and where you want to be. For a long time I had no clear picture of what I wanted let alone how to get there. It is no use saying I want to be rich or have this or have that. You need a destination and a step by step plan on how to achieve that goal

Remember that when choosing your destination ‘you don’t need to see the top to climb it’ (Alf Orpen.) When Alf talks about destination he uses the analogy that when climbing a mountain you cant see the top because of the clouds, but that will not stop you from climbing it and reaching the top. This basically means take the first step decide what you are going to do for the next 12mths and focus on that. In 12 mths you will have reached a new level on that mountain and then you can see what you need to do for the next 12mths and so on until you reach the summit and then the top.

We have looked at making choices, facing fear and defining you destiny, now let’s look at how you can add value to your business how to make it unique. I have said before that MLM is about marketing yourself. This is what makes your business different from everyone else’s it’s the YOU. ‘A true entrepreneur does not copy’ (Alf Orpen). Now this is not to say you can not use the tools provided by your company, what it is saying is add that something that only you can add which will make it different from everyone else in your company.

‘We are all born for a certain assignment’ (Mike Litaman) so start a campaign and promote yourself just like a politician sells himself. Use what your company provides and add you. It might be building your own website and linking to your company or meeting people face to face and building a relationship. Always maintain your integrity be honest and of service. If you come from a place of service and honesty then people will trust you and appreciate your help.

Unsure of what your purpose is? Then you might need help. Talking to your upline is a good starting point and of course personal develop books ect. are valuable.

Something I found created a lot of change for me was to get some coaching. A good coach will provide a sounding board for you so that you can unlock your own uniqueness and strengths. We all have the answers we dont need some one else to tell us we just need to find those answers within ourselves.

What is coaching John Whitmore in his book Coaching For Performance states ‘coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes’. John Whitmore uses the GROW sequence Goals, Reality, Options, Will to generate prompt action and peak performance.

To get you business and personal life on track , get a free coaching session ,following the GROW model.

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