How do people, potential home business operators, choose their MLM business? What do MLMers need to know? How do you choose the right company for you? What makes someone decide to join one MLM team instead of another?

Often would be MLMers come with no experience in business at all. They are attracted to MLM because the concept is simple and they can see the potential in the idea of leverage. It makes sense to leverage off each other. It’s a win/win situation.

However many people soon realize that while MLM is a simple concept it is not necessarily easy. It requires commitment and resources to be successful.

So it is important that the very first decision you make is to choose the right company to start your business with, or to leverage off.

Here are some questions you should ask before making any decision;

1. What is it that you want or expect from this company, whose products and services you will be promoting?

2. Is this company environmentally ethical?

3. How long has the company been established?

4. Who runs the company?

5. What is the product?

6. What is the compensation plan?

7. How hard is it to build your team?

Let’s look at each point a bit more closely.

1. What do you expect from the company whose products you will promote?

Well the first thing I expect is integrity and honesty. I don’t want to have to tell half truths or outright lies. I want to promote a product and a company that is going to last and be good value for money.

I want to know the company will act fairly and ensure that members are their foremost concern. For example if your company allows a variety of strategies to choose from, like retail and direct sales, they must ensure retail outlets do not present unfair competition i.e. lowering prices which a member may not be able to offer or sustain.

The company should provide the product, any labeling, advertising material, promotional material, ongoing training (which is aside from your team training), reasonable freight costs, tools to run your business like a website, purchase forms and catalogues.

The company must provide a well timed delivery service, as customers in today’s instant world do not like long delivery times

There should be a support team for members, who are easy to contact, able to answer questions and help members when necessary. If you join a company from another time zone, make sure you can get help at a reasonable hour.

Does this company offer enough flexibility for you and your lifestyle? Does it have one strategy or a multiple strategy approach? Does the strategy or strategies being offered suit your personality?

If the company only offers party plan and you loath party plan its time to look for a different company. How many hours will you need to work on your new business to make a living? To find out more about MLM strategies go to Deb's Strategies and Tips by clicking on the picture below.

2. Is this company environmentally ethical?

This is a really important one for me. Given the world situation today, I think it is helpful if we all look at business opportunities that are environmentally sustainable. This company is already carbon neutral and has progressive environmental ethics. It is one of the top 8 environmentally friendly companies in Australia

Check your company’s carbon footprint. If you have already joined an MLM company and their environmental record is not that great, then start communicating your concerns to the management team ask for accountability in this area. Your customers will be grateful and so will the planet.

3. How long has the company you are going into business with been established?

Some MLM companies have been established for a long time most MLMers have been in one or more of these companies in their life.

With that comes all the bad press that those companies may have picked up over their life time.

I look for a company that has been established for less than 10yrs. To me it makes sense that a newer company has more potential for you to grow your business. The less members already in that company the bigger the potential for building your team.

Hand in hand with this, is picking the company with the right product. If it is a new product then checking the market for that product is important. You want to be at the crest of the wave and ride it high. Not too early and definitely not too late.

A good example of this is the organics industry, this is a growing market. The organic industry has achieved compounded growth of 23% pa for seven consecutive years. Not so long ago this market was considered a fad, now it is definitely a trend.

4. Who runs the company?

Find out who is on the board of the company and check out their record and credentials. This information should be readily available from the company. If it is not readily available, then you should ask yourself why?

Get a feel for the passion of the company owners and managers. There are a couple of reasons for doing this; it helps you to establish confidence when presenting your opportunity to new members, and allows you to assess how solid the company is. It is important that board members have good business ethics, integrity and honesty.

5. What is the product?

First and foremost, before anything else you must feel passionate about what you are promoting, whether it be a product, business opportunity or a service. So make sure the product fits with you.

Pre-ordering the product to try yourself for a few months is probably a good precaution to take before signing anywhere. You must believe one hundred percent in what you are doing to be successful. Trying the product first has the added bonus of giving you stories to share with others, this will get you more customers than any other strategy.

Look for a product or service which is consumable, that is, the customer will have to keep purchasing. It is all well and good to promote saucepans that last for ever but a product that is used and needs replacing at regular intervals such as washing powder, keeps the cash flowing. Which in turn, gives you more resources to build your business?

6. What is the compensation plan?

Compensation plans are how you are rewarded monetarily from the company and also involve promotion, which should equal better bonuses. This is what you are in the MLM business for. This is where the leverage power in this company can be seen.

Check out the company’s compensation plan. These can be quite complex so ask questions, and if the person you are dealing with does not know, get them to check with someone else in the company. A company that provides easy to understand teaching tools on the compensation plan, is a good start.

So ask yourself questions like, how much do I have to sell and what is my percentage? How many members do I need on my team to get promotion and or bonuses? Are the bonuses offered equal to the work I will put in and the resources I will need to use?

What are the long term gains? For example, some companies will give you a loyalty bonus for joining a new member, plus the normal bonuses. Choose a company that will reward your team building efforts.

Have a sneak peek at this unique organic compensation plan for free click here 7. How hard is it to build your team?

Here, I am not talking about the actual skills of selling your business opportunity, but more about the structure needed to advance in your company.

Look at how many members you will need to get promotion and what the other requirements of your chosen company may be. Do you need to sell a certain amount each month to qualify?

Is there a points system that you and your team have to achieve each month to be eligible for promotion?

Do you have to keep joining members yourself to remain eligible for bonuses? A company that gives you the opportunity to buy your way to the next level at the start will give your business a boost. have a look at this company Want to know more about MLM and Network Marketing then you may find these two sites useful.

Ann Seig and

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