Parents Make The Right Choices

As Parents in this modern world we often feel we have very little choice.

Most of us work long and hard for various reasons, but over all the main reason is to provide ourselves and our families with the best lifestyle we can.

Whether you’re a single parent or have a two parent household, usually the parents are working.

This makes for a very busy lifestyle probably the exact opposite to what you are working for.

Tips for busy parents

Why are we in this predicament? Why do we as parents feel the need to earn more and more and at the same time spend less and less time with our children and family?

I think it starts very early on. There is a belief now in western society that parents should provide money that is our role now.

Go to work when you baby is 3 mths old put them in daycare experts will care for your child. This is a clear message that you might not get it right but its OK the experts will.

After a few years of dropping your baby off at 8am and picking them up at 6pm. You become a believer. Isn’t it true that you are tired and grumpy when you have your children? Always having to growl and hurry them here and there. They’re much better off with the nice calm and professional day care staff.

Any way what choice do you have? You have to work to provide you family with all the material things they need. Sport, Entertainment, the best schools.

But deep down you would really love to be able to get to know your kids be able to spend some time just be together without having to worry about any of these things.

What choice do you have? You have to work for your money to pay the bills after all no one else is going to pay them for you.

But do you?

Working for money that’s what everyone does don’t they? Everyone who wants to have a secure future?

That is what capitalism is all about having people work for money so that they can spend it so that some one else makes money.

But who are the ‘they’ that make the money? We never see them clocking in to work each day. As a matter of fact it appears as if the rich don’t really work for money at all?

So how come they have so much money?

It’s not because they are smarter than you or because they inherited it or because they are crooks getting money through illegal means.

So what makes them different from the rest of us? They have a passive income.

What is Passive Income? This is income earned with out you having to put any work hours in yourself. This is different from capital gains as passive income comes in regularly and continually.

Imagine you’re on the beach at some far away tropical island or at home, home schooling your children and you’re receiving a regular income.

They know how to make MONEY work for them. So while the rest of us struggle along working for money these wealthy people know how to make money work for them.

Where did they learn this? It certainly wasn’t at school; school is all about training our children to work for money.

So who will teach our children not to get trapped working for money? The best way for our children to learn this secret is to see the adults around them earning a passive income.

And more importantly how can we unlearn what we have been trained for? How can you and I turn things around and start making money work for us.

I will share this little secret with you it’s simple and does not involve a lot of risk. You don’t need to quit the job you have; you don’t need to outlay large sums of money.

The way to wealth is to leverage with other people. Leveraging with other people means to combine your efforts with some one else’s so that you both achieve your goal.

An example of one type of leveraging is borrowing from the bank to purchase a home and then renting that home out to cover the cost of the mortgage. This is not a well balanced form but it does show the principal of leverage

All three participants in this agreement gain something from the situation. The bank increases its passive income through interest; the purchaser increases his passive income by collecting rent. The renter gets somewhere to live, but no passive income. The renter usually works for money to pay the landlord.

Sticking with the real estate example; you see a property but you don’t have enough money to purchase or borrow so you get a group of people to invest with you in the property. Everyone puts in the some money; and then the property may be rented or later sold at a profit and the profits split evenly between the stake holders. (You couldn’t have bought the property without the others.) You then re invest your profits and so on until you have a passive income which will support you lifestyle.

(When I talk of passive income I am not referring to capital gains, though this can be very handy when building your passive income.)

The stock market can also provide a passive income. If you have enough money to invest it is possible to make large sums of money and to collect regular dividends.

Another example of leveraging to build a passive income for you is the Multi Level Marketing industry.

To begin with you make a very small investment. A good company will have a system set up where you only need to work part time to build your business. It is your own business. All other costs such as production of products packaging and labelling and delivery of goods is done by the company.

Tips for choosing the right MLM comapny for you

You get free education and training, the right company will help you to identify your goals and develop a sound business plan.

As you build you business you receive income from 2 sources. The sale of products and from you team in the form of bonuses. This is how you leverage with each other. Your upline will educated and train you and in return a small bonuses is given to them when you make a sale. You will educate your down line and in return you receive bonuses from their sales. And so on all up and down the line.

To learn more about bonuses click here

You will need to be prepared to change and question things you have come to believe.

You must want to learn and attempt things you may not have thought to do before. You will need commitment and you need to be very a ware that this is not a get rich quick scheme.

So What is stopping you click on the link at the bottom of this page to get started NOW