Organic Inspired Team

Joy Neri, Liza Derkatch and Dawn Atkin

Liza Derkatch- Holistic Integrative Massage Practitioner

Liza is an attendee at the World Massage Conference, Seattle 2010 and the World Massage Festival, Kentucky 2010, USA.

Member ANTA

Liza Derkatch is a continuing student of therapeutic massage and has been working as a Holistic Massage Practitioner encompassing a variety of modalities, individually tailored to suit your needs, not only to relieve your pain and stress, but also to use massage as a means to enhance your general core health and wellbeing. This includes Remedial, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology, Somatic Bodywork, Feldenkrais Bodywork, Hot Stone Therapy, Seated Chair, Relaxation Swedish and Clinical Thai Bodywork. She is passionate about massage, and has a commitment to help people heal. Liza has developed an intuitive gift working with clients, and travels to the USA annually to add to her continuing education and professional development. She currently practices in SA at Core Being Wellness Centre by appointment, she works WA festivals periodically and she massages at Luna Retreats in WA annually.

Shirley Tonkin

Come Dance with me along the Rainbow of Life’

Chakradance TM ‘Rhythm for the Soul’ & Colour Therapy ‘Colour for the Soul’

Hi, my name is Shirley and I will be your CHAKRADANCE™ workshop facilitator and Colour Therapist. I am an accredited ChakradanceTM teacher; I undertook my teacher training in 2006 and since then have conducted many workshops with wonderful participants. Plus I have a Diploma in Colour Therapy; I completed my Diploma in 2004 and have run a colour therapy business since then.

Colour Therapy is a vibrational therapy in which colour is used to harmonise and realign the body, mind and soul. In a colour therapy session I use some or all of the following: Spectro-Chrome (coloured lights), coloured silk, crystals, Aura-soma and Reiki, depending on the needs of the individual. At the Retreat your one-on-one session will be specially tailored for your needs; be it a physical, mental or spiritual one. Shirley Tonkin Dancing Rainbows Licensed CHAKRADANCE™ Teacher & Colour Therapist

Lyndal Gallaway

Qi Gong and Yoga

Blessed I am to have lived a life rich in ‘journeying the inner landscape of my being’ as well as travelling this beautiful outer world.

Firstly the path of Yoga in many of its richness of styles, teachers, teachings and Enlightened Masters inspired and captured my heart more than 35years ago.

Teaching and sharing my knowledge of Yoga, the backbone of my professional life to students of primary and secondary schools, adult education, summer schools, hospitals, banks and offices, groups, classes and individuals.

Since Qi Gong (Chi Kung) was introduced to me 15 years ago, I found it naturally complimentary to my personal practices and undertook training with Masters of Qi whilst continuing to teach and share this valued and precious Mind/Body/Spirit medical and martial art form.

For me, Qi Gong offers the qualities of softness, strength, grounding, empowerment, focus, clarity, mindfulness and connectedness with Earth and Heaven.

Due to the fact that no props are needed, Qi Gong can be practiced anywhere producing immediate benefit to a practitioner from the easy flowing movements combined with the breath and mindfulness.

Apart from teaching on-going classes in both Yoga and Qi Gong in Albany and Denmark, I present mini-workshops including Qi Gong, Yoga and Relaxation for TAFE staff development days; as energy enhancement at conferences; ‘carers’ retreats from several government organisations and more recently for Festival of Voice in Denmark.

I also operate a practice for individuals in Bowen therapy in Albany and Denmark, with a background of some 25 years in mind/body therapies.

Saz Lockyer


Saz has been conducting drumming workshops for groups for a number of years now. He has run team building drumming workshops, family drumming and community group workshops. Saz is an accomplished musician and performs as well as running Didgeridoo making and playing workshops for the youth in his community.

Judy Crawford

Qualified Naturopath

Hazel Moon

Transpersonal Art Therapy

Art to Freedom

My training is in graphic design, fine arts and Transpersonal Art Therapy. I began my study three years ago at the Ikon International Institute where I undertook a diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy. I have been working with both individuals and women’s groups. I also have extensive experience as a qualified youth worker and community worker.

Joy Neri

Co-coperate Consultant/Team Building

Joy has 10 rewarding years as a Training Consultant, designing, developing, and conducting behavioural and attitudinal, leadership and management, and creativity workshops, after thorough training needs assessment and analysis.

Teambuilding is her expertise, and the workshops are designed and tailored-fitted for the client. The process starts with gathering data through interviews or focused group discussions, to get an objective picture of the organisation’s team dynamics and training needs. Based on this, a workshop design is proposed for approval.

The Teambuilding Workshop is a combination of indoor and outdoor experiential activities meant to facilitate personal attitudinal shifts and team transformation, resulting in effective teamwork leading to renewed motivation, peak performance, and essence-based quality service.

Joy recently finished Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Her Master’s degree in Guidance and Counselling and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, plus her work experience as a Counsellor became her strong foundation in mastering her competence in group facilitation and life coaching.

She also worked as a Human Resource (HR) Practitioner and has knowledge and experience of the following: Organisational Development and Culture Building, Change Management, Performance Management System, Succession Planning, and Recruitment.

Joy has extensive knowledge of the Training Development Process and practices Adult Learning and the use of Multiple Intelligences in all her workshops.

She is also a Pranic Healer and has been meditating for the past 13 years. This energy awareness is also incorporated in the development and facilitation of her workshops activities.