Do you want a team of robots that turn up for work each day and ‘just’ do their job? Or would you prefer a dynamic team comprised of creative individuals?

Is your goal to work with employees, who can think for themselves, work well in a team, get a great deal of satisfaction out of their work and want to do their best every day? The creative packages available at Luna Corporate Retreats will help your organisation work towards that goal.

Humans have a fundamental need to be appreciated and rewarded for the effort they put in. People like to know what’s expected and what’s in it for them. As an adult a lot of learning can be perceived as plain hard work or worse still boring. This is emphasised for individuals who are also juggling health, work, family and social responsibilities. Luna Corporate Retreats offer fun activities and practical sessions that result in unexpected and often deeper learning for individuals and groups.

You may be wondering why choose a retreat and not a conference or seminar to enhance the morale and productivity of your team?

At Organic Inspired Prosperity we work hard to provide a perfect balance between work and play. It sounds relaxing and rejuvenating because it is. At the same time our workshops provide opportunities to explore concepts such as teambuilding, leadership, trust and relationships in fun ways; through improved self-awareness and knowledge.

At our retreats participants will feel special and learn important new life skills at the same time. People with good life skills have strong self esteem, function well in teams and groups, and are not easily distracted from the goals of the team, project or organisation.

At Organic Inspired Corporate Retreats we are passionate about what we do. All activities aim to empower people so that they can take control of all aspects of their lives. As our focus is on mind and body your team will be sharper both mentally and physically.

A healthier team means less sick time and creates resilience; team members are more able to cope with the ups and downs of life at work, at home and everywhere in between.

Organic Inspired Prosperity combine workshops with therapies such as Massage, Reiki, Bowen Therapy and more to create an open and relaxed environment conducive to learning and growth.

Our team of expert workshop facilitators and therapists are professionals with over 148yrs experience in the field of health and wellbeing and personal development.

Our Cooperate Training Consultant has 10 rewarding years as a Training Consultant designing, developing, and conducting behavioural and attitudinal, leadership and management, and creativity workshops. A thorough training needs assessment and analysis will be conducted; Teambuilding is our consultants expertise.

The process starts with gathering data through interviews or focused group discussions, to get an objective picture of the organisation’s team dynamics and training needs. Based on this, a workshop design is proposed for approval.

The Teambuilding Workshop is a combination of indoor and outdoor experiential activities meant to facilitate personal attitudinal shifts and team transformation, resulting in effective teamwork leading to renewed motivation, peak performance, and essence-based quality service.

Personal life coaching sessions following the GROW model provide an extra opportunity for individuals to reach their full potential. These sessions enable individual team members to identify and develop action plans around identified issues. When the answers come from within we are more likely to take action than if some one tells us what to do.

Organic inspired Corporate Retreats offer an amazing and unique opportunity for you and your team. Choosing and using these services will change how you look after the wellbeing and health of your team forever. The results will speak for themselves.

Take advantage of our pre-arranged retreats or have our Cooperate Training Consultant tailor a retreat to your companies needs. You may like to combine part of our retreat with your work conference or seminar.

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Energy Awareness workshop:

Energy Awareness is an excellent tool for the modern corporate environment. In this workshop individuals are taught simple exercises that increase sensitivity and awareness of their own energy field.

With this basic knowledge the group are then lead through some easy techniques for recognising and managing the early symptoms of stress or anxiety and protecting themselves from the negativity or stress of others. The Energy Awareness Workshop provides precious personal tools useful in challenging situations, interpersonal communications and stressful or demanding working environments.

Journaling: enter the fascinating world of writing your way to freedom. Journaling in a group helps to create clarity and decision making abilities amongst your team members. The shared experience creates a unique opportunity for you workers to get to know each other and creates a wonderful environment for building strong relationships between each team member.

Transpersonal Art Therapy: In this workshop you and your colleagues will look at the different masks we all wear in our lifes. It gives the individual members the chance to explore who they are and how this affects there relationships both in and out of the work environment.

Chakradance: A Teambuilding Journey

Experts agree the most successful teams are made up of individuals who are self aware and are able to self manage thus allowing them to be more socially aware and skilled with others. Chakradance gives participants the opportunity to journey into self in what Carl Jung terms the ‘individuation process’ (journey towards wholeness). Chakradance uses dance, imagery and music as tools to still the ‘monkey mind’ to provide the opportunity for the mind to relax and the body to connect to the dance/movement and journey inwards to recognise; and then own, individual strengths and weaknesses. Through this process skills and abilities such as:

boundary and goal setting;

encompassing change with ease

stepping up to the challenge with energetic passion

empathy, in balance and harmony with self and others;

truthful and honest expression – wise and meaningful speech;

trusting own self and that of others to allow creative, dynamic and out of the box’ problem solving;

looking for the enjoyment in the everyday;


providing balance between work and play;

are given an opportunity to unfold and develop; indeed all critical ingredients of a successful individual and ultimately a successful team.

It is also recognised that in order for an individual or team to attain greater awareness of self and others they need to be taken outside their comfort zone. The idea of dancing or moving spontaneously to different types of music and sounds, within a group environment, can prove to be challenging but at the same time liberating. Chakradance offers a unique opportunity for teams to move and dance independently but be energetically connected and in rhythm with each other, this being the true essence of a great team

Drumming: Beat the Bizz, is a team orientated drumming workshop aimed at improving leadership and teamwork skills of your employees through African drums (Djembe’s).

The workshop uses drum and beat as a tool to build trust and relationships within a working group. Improving these values can have a direct impact on improving your business outcomes and objectives, i.e. your bottom line!

Beat the Bizz uses team-drumming exercises to identify individual’s personalities, while highlighting the need to work as a group.

Beat the Bizz uses basic drumming rhythms as a metaphor for personal behavior. E.g. an erratic personality is hard to work with, just like an erratic beat is hard to play along with.

B.t.B is fun, expressive and group discussions are used after every exercise to build communication. Team identification of workplace values is an important part of building a leadership group. Listening to others will improve the team’s decision-making process, as some management groups can suffer from having ‘too many cooks in the kitchen.’

Conflict resolution is highlighted through clashing rhythms. Finding a common beat is the answer and this idea is important to real life resolutions in the work place.

Working in rhythm with each other makes your leadership team stronger and less prone to division. When playing as a group, individuals are supported by each other, maintaining a common rhythm. The same basic drumming principal has been used in war with advancing troops. Modern business work ethic requires strong unison teamwork in order to gain the competitive edge and work more efficiently. B.t.B gives individuals the opportunity to lead the group and build confidence in themselves .It can also give upper management an opportunity to see hidden strengths and weaknesses of employees.

All workshops can be tailored to your team and business needs. Average time of each workshop is 3-4hrs, select workshops can run a full day program.

Other Benefits

Luna retreats can also provide Massage , Reike, Hot rocks, Pranic healing, Colour Therapy, Nutritional Advice and Workshops, Aurosoma, Meditation , Qigong and/or Yoga

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